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Packages & Options

HR Answers are a Phone Call Away

Exemplary HR offers hourly rates, project rates, and pre-purchased subscription packages. 

 *Rates are dependent on Company Size

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions offer a way for businesses to customize the right amount of HR support. Whether it’s quick answers to urgent questions or working through common HR issues, an HR subscription package is efficient and effective, and an easy way to have a dedicated HR Professional as you need them. Bonus - Subscription packages receive a discount, reduced prices for specific projects (if purchased separately), and as a subscriber you receive monthly updates and support on HR Project services.

We offer:

Basic: 10 hours per month

Intermediate: 15 hours per month

Advanced: 20 hours per month

*Hours are purchased in advance. While hours are non-refundable, unused hours roll over to the next month!. 

How it Works:

Send us a request, we'll set up an initial conversation to talk about your company, your needs, your questions, and understand what you're looking for. From there, we can discuss terms and decide the best plan for your business.

We provide hourly rates for those businesses that don't need an ongoing HR professional but may have a small request, project, or questions. 

How it Works:

Send us a request, and we'll have an initial conversation to discuss your current project or question to determine your best options. 



Click here to see specific Project rates available for purchase. *Custom projects are available and can be created based on client request. Contact us for more information.

Hourly Rates


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