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This is our best selling package. 


Businesses will receive: 

-Review and Update of Current Handbook (or creation of a new handbook)

-Required Employee Policies (i.e. Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy)

-Onboarding Checklist (Customized to your business, including state and federal compliance)

-Onboarding Process SOP for Hiring (for you to remain compliant after the forms are created)

-State and Federal required Disclosures and Employee Notices


What happens?

  1. Purchase the product, and I'll send you a form for the required information I need to get this completed. If scheduling a call works better, we do that, too!
  2. From there, we determine a "need by" date, typically within 1-2 weeks, for the rough drafts. 
  3. I send you the drafts with my notes on what I need reviewed and agreed upon. 
  4. You approve the drafts or send me your revisions, and I finalize the project (typically <1 week). 
  5. Any legal updates or changes you prefer within the next 30 days are edited at no cost to you. I'll also send you an info email every year with any updates that may have happened. 


As a previous customer, you will always get a discount on any handbook updates, and if done annually, I will continue to revise and maintain the handbook at a lower cost to you!


Starter Pack - Handbook and Onboarding

  • Each purchase includes:

    Multiple drafts for your review

    Word and PDF versions of Handbook and Policies

    Edits/Revisions for 30 days at no cost after "Final Copy" is submitted

    I'll also be your guide, walking you step by step through the hiring process of an employee, to help you with email templates, what forms are needed, and helpful tips when onboarding candidates. 

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