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Whether it’s quick answers to urgent questions or working through common HR issues, an HR subscription package is efficient and effective, and an easy way to have a dedicated HR Professional as you need them. Bonus - Subscription packages receive a discount, reduced prices for specific projects (if purchased separately), and as a subscriber you receive monthly updates and support on HR Project services.

Normal hourly rate is $65 per hour, discounted rates are below (see other packages on Products page for details).  


Basic: 5 hours per month - reg. $325

Package price: $300

Monthly recurring $275


Intermediate: 10 hours per month -  reg. $650

Package Price: $600

Monthly recurring $525 


Advanced: 20 hours per month - reg. $1300

Package Price: 1100

Monthly recurring $950

*Hours are purchased in advance. While hours are non-refundable, unused minutes/hours roll over to the next month! 

HR Consultant - 20 Hours

Price Options
One-time purchase
20 Hours Monthly
Subscribe and save $250 a month!
$950.00every month until canceled
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