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Training & Development

Sexual Harassment training, Customer Service training, Career Coaching and Development: Whether you're needing your annual compliance training done for your employees, or are looking for some support in growing you're employee's skills, we can help. We offer customized in-person and virtual training for employees and managers. We also keep records of what trainings you may need to renew, and will send out a notice for you to make sure you stay in compliance with state and federal laws. We also work with employees who you feel have performance concerns to see what training we can provide to help retain and grow your employees. 

In addition to training, we offer career development and coaching. We can help you create and review career growth plans for employees, including succession planning, retention strategies, and stay interviews. 

Sexual Harassment Training Sample.png

"78 percent of employees said they would remain longer with their employer if they saw a career path within the current organization." -Mercer

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